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Ebor Academy Trust is a mixed multi-academy trust comprising both Community and Church Schools. As an inclusive Trust we embrace the diversity within the communities we serve. We consist of small village schools, large urban schools, schools in challenging circumstances and those which have capacity to share and support others. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual setting and share skills and resources, where appropriate, across our group. The Ebor Academy Trust is a family of schools who have a sense of responsibility for each other, building caring, strong professional relationships.

We are a predominately primary-led Trust, providing quality education provision for two-year-olds through to 16-year-olds. Our vision is to provide great outcomes for pupils, staff and the wider leadership team, including governance. The Trust is ambitious for all its component parts, creating an environment where there is a desire to learn. Our pupils develop the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others and think critically and creatively.

Ebor’s vision is to set up locality based hubs of schools within the North and North East of England. Locality hubs within the Ebor family of schools will be around 2,000 to 2,500 pupils’ strong, consisting of around eight to ten schools.

Our Values and Ethos

The Ebor family of schools has four core values which drive everything we do: Excellence, Belonging, Opportunity and Respect.

Excellence: We believe that staff and pupils should work hard and strive to be the best they can be, academically and socially. They should achieve great outcomes in a broad range of subjects which equip them for the future. We believe that every child should make great progress, regardless of prior attainment or social circumstance.

Belonging: We passionately believe that collaborative working brings mutual benefit. We involve teachers in fostering new thinking, we encourage innovation and share our expertise with all within our family of schools. For staff it presents greater opportunities and for pupils it adds new dimensions as best practice is shared and new thinking is introduced, so improving the learning experience.

Opportunity: We strive to create great opportunities for both staff and pupils. Staff have access to a broad range of training and development opportunities which impact on their career pathway. We are an ambitious outward facing Trust which has a pride in taking a lead role nationally and locally in developing educational thinking. Staff who have specialist skills are deployed to challenge and support others within and beyond our family of schools

Respect: Building positive relationships is at the heart of all we do.  We expect all adults and pupils within the Trust to respect each other and act with integrity. We believe that building a firm future involves trust and honesty at all levels. We celebrate achievement and through honest discourse, reflect on aspects to improve. We are a diverse Trust, which respects individual differences at school and personal levels.

Our core values, Excellence, Belonging, Opportunity and Respect, represent a powerful force for all that’s good in education during changing times.