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School Improvement

School Improvement

Developing teachers and leaders to improve school performance is key to the sustained success of all our schools.

Ebor is committed to ensuring that the best school leaders are effectively used to support other schools. They also help Ebor to ensure we have the increased capacity and capability needed as the Trust continues to grow.

As the number of schools in the Trust increases, then the number of opportunities available for school leaders and teachers to support beyond their own school also increases.



Executive Headteachers/Hub Leaders

There are four Executive Headteachers/Hub Leaders, working together but each in control of Ebor’s four geographically located hubs: Ebor Central (in and around York); Ebor South (in and around Selby), Ebor Yorkshire Coast and Ebor East Riding and the Humber. Executive Headteacher support ensures all schools have high quality leadership in place to develop and maintain high standards in each school. The capacity of the headteacher to support other schools will be identified and agreed in a performance management meeting with the headteacher.

Current Executive Headteachers/Hub Leaders are:

  • Dave Barber (Ebor South)
  • Gail Brown (Ebor Central)
  • Richard Ludlow (Ebor Yorkshire Coast)
  • Jeanette Sutherland (Ebor East Riding and The Humber)



Directors of Teaching and Learning

Directors of Teaching and Learning are senior leaders who have additional trust-wide responsibilities for all or part of their working time.

Current Directors of Teaching and Learning are:

  • John Winter (Career Pathways and Leadership Development)
  • Helen Hayes-Smith (Primary Professional Development and School Support)
  • Andy Crisp (Pedagogical Development)



Academy Lead Specialists

Academy Lead Specialists are aspiring deputy headteachers. They are full-time and have expertise in numeracy and literacy and fulfil these responsibilities:

  • To add capacity in the role of deputy headteacher within an Ebor school;
  • Boost leadership capacity within a vulnerable school, assuming specific responsibility for identified outcomes and impact
  • Contribute to peer to peer reviews
  • Provide support for vulnerable teaching in areas of subject expertise
  • Provide support for middle leadership
  • Ensure Quality First Teaching
  • Drive improvements/developments in relevant subject areas.

Current Academy Lead Specialists are:

  • Helen Jones
  • Jo Sutton
  • Fiona Thompson



Academy Subject Specialists

 Academy Subject Specialists are full-time, outstanding practitioners of specialisms, currently science, IT, art, and music, within our schools. They develop their areas of the curriculum and provide support for Ebor schools and the Trust. Academy Subject Specialists may form part of the peer-to-peer review process.
Current Academy Subject Specialists are:

  • Louise Brooke (art)
  • Emma Davids (science)
  • Clint Lees (IT)
  • Ruth McCartney (music)



Specialist Leaders

Specialist Leaders support and drive school improvement in areas such as SEND, behaviour, wellbeing and safeguarding, pupil premium and governance. They operate on a part-time basis, occasionally with headteachers or other school leaders supplementing these roles.

Current Specialist Leaders are:

  • Maureen Benson (governance)
  • Rebecca McGuinn (behaviour, wellbeing and safeguarding)
  • Lesley Thompson (SEND)



School-to-School Support/System Leaders

These experienced school leaders, accredited Specialist Leaders of Education, are not necessarily all directly employed by the trust, but they are each committed to provide 12 working days of support to the Trust, annually. They provide a range of support across a number of areas including for vulnerable schools and Trust developments. They also contribute, as appropriate, to peer-to-peer reviews, as part of the school review process.