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Is your school interested in joining us?

What it would mean if you were to join Ebor Academy Trust

We are always interested in talking to like-minded schools about joining us. This is what it would mean if you were to be part of the ‘family’.

The trust operates a central fund to provide a range of core services. This replaces the current de-delegations and some of the services maintained schools currently purchase from the local authority.

As the number of schools in the trust increases, opportunities will be taken to review the provision of  back office services to ensure proper use of public funds, value for money and improved quality in service provision.

It is anticipated that the trust will invest in additional central services, to remove costs from individual schools and provide more efficient and effective services shared across our schools.

Capital funding is paid directly to the trust, so after joining us, schools no longer make funding bids to the local authority. Instead, capital work is funded by the trust based on the condition surveys of your buildings.

As part of the due diligence process, which begins when your application to convert is approved and you receive your Academy Order, our finance team will work with you to review your current financial forecasts and create revised projections under the new structure.

Similarly, we will examine your school estate and work alongside you and the local authority to make sure any critical issues are resolved before conversion.

We offer support and advice at all stages of the conversion process, which can begin with an informal discussion with governors at your school. Your school leaders are also welcome to visit existing Ebor schools and talk to the heads there to help complete the picture. As an observer they can also join one of our regular heads’ strategy meetings.

Your contact at Ebor at this preliminary stage is Tim Moat, Director of Communications and Development, telephone 01904 553404 or email

Download our brochure, which contains more information, here